Who is Eva Roads?

Currently, I could be described as a mid/late twenties career woman.  To this stage, I’ve more or less followed the path expected of a person of my generation in western culture – elementary school, followed by middle school, followed by high school, followed by a move to an out of province university, followed by a four year batchelor’s degree, followed by entering the work force.  At work I am a senior account manager at a global B2B products and services company.  If you had told me what my annual income would be today on the day I left university, I flat out would not have believed you.

So that must mean I’m satisfied, right? 


I’m seeking new challenges and new roads to a life that will leave me waking up with a smile on my face.  Life is good right now, but I’m too young to even consider settling with what I’ve achieved.  The coming year is going to bring substantial changes, and it will be exciting to have you along for the ride as I cover the corners of my life and the world around me.


One Response to Who is Eva Roads?

  1. markbyrd says:

    May GOD Bless you Eva!!! Mark

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