A Culture of Over-Drinking


Most of us have been there… you crack an eye open as you drift into consciousness.  As the light hits your retinas you’re vaguely aware that something’s not right.  The other eye opens and the room starts to focus.  If you’re lucky, you’re in your own bed, but occasionally you have the where the fuck am I? moment.  Your head starts to pound, your stomach starts to clench.  This is the start of your hangover.

You have a headache that gets worse each time the covers rustle.  Everything in your body hurts; maybe you need a few trips to the bathroom to become intimately acquainted with your toilet.  Your phone begins to buzz as texts start rolling in about the dumb shit you did last night, and slowly the black hole that is your night starts to form into an embarrassing picture of your drunken antics. 

Yeah, some of what comes out might be funny, but usually you wish you could recall the details as well as your friends.  Maybe you wish you could take back what you did/said.  You always wish you didn’t feel like a pile of hot garbage in the morning. 

This is why I don’t understand why friends will try to push you into getting boy band drunk whenever you’re out celebrating.  Whether it be a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, or other celebration, there are always people around whose aim it is to get the primary celebrant loser pissed. 

Why do we do this to our friends?  Shouldn’t we be more concerned with ensuring that they’re having fun than ensuring that they blackout?

This past weekend I went to a bachelorette party where it was evident that the main goal of a few of the girls in attendance was to get the bride-to-be as drunk as possible.  I think this stems from one of two situations.  Either the people whose goal was to get the bride drunk A) can’t have fun without being shittered themselves (pointing to potential problems with alcohol for those girls) or B) didn’t know the bride well enough to make suggestions on the evening’s activities that they knew she would consider fun so they defaulted to “if you’re drinking it must be a great time.”

We had to pull over for the bride to puke four times on our hour long drive back to the city the next day.  I know that she would be have been happier with the party if she hadn’t felt like her stomach was about to turn inside out on Sunday.

People will say, “It’s her own fault, because no one forced her to drink,” but when your friends are being generous with buying you drinks it can be hard to keep track of what you’ve consumed.  It can also be difficult (especially after a few drinks), not to succumb to the inevitable guilt trip you get from your friends when you try to refuse a drink that’s been purchased for you.

Far be it for me to advocate dry nights out, because I definitely enjoy having a few drinks with friends.  But next time we’re out celebrating with a friend, let’s just focus on ensuring they have a fun night, rather than ensuring they put back more booze than Charlie Sheen on a Monday.*

*This excludes if you’re drinking with Charlie Sheen on a Tuesday, in which case you’re welcome to ensure he drinks more than he did on Monday… if you can afford it.

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One Response to A Culture of Over-Drinking

  1. What I love is the superiority complex I observe once friends have got the target satisfactorily drunk. They are like.. omg I can’t believe they drank that much, omg look what their doing… they’re a mess…

    I walked out of a party one year because someone encouraged someone to drink so much and be a party animal but then started judging chastising and reprimanding them when they’d drank 20 drinks as directed.

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