It just slipped out…

Last night Jack and I were having a bit of a make out session in his car before he dropped me off after our dinner date.  We eventually came up for air and were nuzzling into each other’s necks when the following words popped out of my mouth:  “I love you.”

Holy shit!  That wasn’t planned at all! 

At first I wasn’t even sure I said it.  Jack kissed me softly, pulled back and whispered, “You just said it.”  (He may be a mind reader.)

Immediately, my mind was racing, maybe I shouldn’t have said it.  He now thinks I am crazy.  I didn’t PLAN on saying it…

He gently touched my face, “I love your eyes,” he said.  “I love your smile.”

He reached back and grabbed my bum, “I love your bum,” he said with a playful grin.

I placed my thumb over his mouth, “Please don’t say anything you’re not feeling.”

Jack raised an eyebrow as he traced his thumb along my torso.  “I love you,” he said softly.

Well, there you have it folks: we’re officially in love!

After years of chasing the bad boys, the fixer-uppers, the wild cards, and the train wrecks I think I may have gotten it right.  Prince Charming wasn’t an A-hole, so why was I trying to find him by searching through a giant pile of “guys with an edge” or “mysterious men” or (in plain language) “douchebags.”

Score one for the good guys, because Prince Charming was the original good guy.  And let’s face it ladies, from the moment we watched Cinderella we all wanted to find our PC.

"You're what I've been looking for!"

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2 Responses to It just slipped out…

  1. TurnJacson says:

    *Standing Applause* Everyone loves a happy ending…

  2. Solo @ 30 says:

    Hurrah for the good ones!

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