A Poorly Made Bed

Going down this path again...

I remember my friend Will once looking at me and saying, “Roads, you made your bed and you have to sleep in it, even if it’s filled with goats and donkeys.” 

There are times when I question whether I’m capable of making my bed without throwing a goat or donkey into the mix.

Last night I had the best of intentions when heading over to my friend Jack’s place.  No, I really did.  I was going to be good and keep things friendly, as they’ve always been, but last night went decidedly beyond friendly.  As in, we made out for about 4 hours.  [Funny sidebar: he was quite stubbly, and this morning my upper lip is noticeably swollen.]  This was ill-advised for the following reasons… he’s friends with my ex (Ian) and he’s too good a guy.  Yes, that really is a problem.

Jack has all of the boxes ticked when it comes to relationship potential.  He’s fun, he’s attractive (okay, he’s a bit short – only 2 inches taller than me – but I am alright with that), he’s smart, and he’s responsible.  There is one major downside to him: he’s tied rather tightly to living here, as he is planning on taking over his family business.  And here’s where the complications begin: my job in Australia is still moving forward, albeit very slowly.  If time estimates are correct, I’ll probably be packed and on a plane in the next 8-12 weeks.  So, I’m getting involved with a guy who is wonderful, but I have one foot out the door and he can never walk out the same door.  It’s a recipe for two broken hearts.

Now that my bed has been made with yet another barnyard animal in it, I’ll be keeping you posted.  This could get messy… again.

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