A short list of managerial traits for all you ladder climbers…

  • Use any of the following in your business correspondence: smiley faces, “LOL,” or “Ha ha.”
  • Respond to emails with questions that are answered in the body of the initial email.
  • Respond to emails with topics that aren’t relevant to the subject of the email.
  • Ignore traditional spelling and grammatical rules.
  • Do not proof read emails for clarity; send 1-5 subsequent emails to clear things up.
  • When someone brings up an opposing point, continue restating your original point until the other person gives up.
  • Use the words deter and defer interchangeably.
  • Pronounce “supposedly” as “supposably.”  When corrected, laugh hysterically and say, “Whatever!”
  • Pronounce “stability” as “stabability.”  When corrected, laugh hysterically and say, “Whatever!”
  • Insist on “setting a president.”
  • Laugh at every single thing you say, whether it is appropriate or not.
  • Do not respect other people’s time.  Showing up late/missing meetings or letting them run late is perfectly fine.
  • Take showers only when your hair has started to clump into oily strands.
  • Show up to the office with stains on your clothing. 
  • Try your hardest to forget all basic math skills.

A must for all business correspondence.

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