Feeling Textually Used.

I like to text.  In fact, I love it.

In very few things do I find such simple pleasure as sending and receiving text messages.  I know I’m not alone in this boat; many of my friends are also avid texters.

I’ve noticed, however, that this love of texting is starting to lead to some pretty serious grey area between boys and girls.  Let’s look at the case of my friend Monique and the pilot…

Monique and the pilot had known each other for sometime, but in the fall he started to seriously amp up his texting to her after a random face to face encounter.  She’s a girl, he’s a boy… what’s a girl to think when she’s having textual conversations with a boy daily?  He’s putting all this time into “talking” with me; he must be into me.

So she feels the pilot is flirting, but then he’s fizzling on actually asking her to do anything.  Texts – all day long, but no execution.  What’s a girl (or guy) to do?

Recently Monique told the pilot that he could take his texts and send them to another girl, as she’d grown tired of being his textual distraction.  Six whole months of texting and a grand total of about 4 dates.  Did this guy think it was enough to only exist on her phone?  Or was he just looking for something to do on his coffee breaks at work?

Sometimes we should all put down the technology and actually exist in the real world with real people.  At least then you know that someone’s really into you and not just their phone.

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2 Responses to Feeling Textually Used.

  1. TurnJacson says:

    It’s funny because I usually text girls that like me out of boredom…

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